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What is the Deferred Services by Customer Report?
What is the Deferred Services by Customer Report?
Find the Deferred Services for your customers and the total amount deferred
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Deferred Services by Customer

This report shows the list of Deferred Services grouped and totaled by customer. Deferred Services are created when services are declined, when they are set as Recommended, and when orders are archived. For more information on Recommended and Deferred Services, check out our help article.


The Deferred Services report is filtered by the Invoiced Date on the order. Deferred Services from invoices will be displayed as well as Deferred Services from archived estimates with a created date within the filters date range.

The Invoiced Date will default to This Month when you first open the report, but the date filter can be changed. When you change the date filter it will remember the change next time you return to the report.

Filter the report by customers by clicking the Add Filters + button, Customers, and selecting the customers you would like to see in the report.


  • Name: This column has the name of the customer. Clicking on the customer name will open the Deferred Services tab on the customer’s page.

  • Contact: This column show’s the customer's primary phone number and email address.

  • Deferred Services: This column shows the amount of Deferred Services for the customer. Clicking on the Deferred Services amount will open a list of each service. From the list, clicking on the order number will open the order.

  • Last Deferred: This column shows the date for the customer’s most recent Deferred Service. Note: This will only display services that were deferred within the set date range.

  • Customer Type: This column shows if the customer is an Individual or a Fleet.

  • Total: This column shows the total amount of all Deferred Services not including sales tax.

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