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How do I manage and complete orders in the Shopmonkey for Techs App?
How do I manage and complete orders in the Shopmonkey for Techs App?

View customer and vehicle information, services, Aftermarket parts, and more in the app

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You’ll find the same order information from the Shopmonkey web app on your Shopmonkey for Techs mobile app. Use the information below to get the most out of the orders, customers, vehicles, and services in the Shopmonkey for Techs App.


Anytime you see an order, you’ll see the order number, name, customer, vehicle, and due date displayed. You can tap on it to open it and see the details.

  1. Workflow Status - This will show you which Workflow status the order is currently in. Tap it to move the order to a new workflow. These correspond to the Workflow Columns in the Shopmonkey web app.

  2. Due Date - This shows the date and time all services should be completed. The Due Date is set in the Order information in the Service Writer view. For more information on the Service Writer view, check out our help article.

  3. Vehicle Info - From the Vehicle Info you can view and edit details on the vehicle record. You can also view and update Mileage In and Mileage out. You can add notes, and with Carfax integration you can view the info for the vehicle. You can also change or remove the vehicle from the work order.

  4. Customer Info - From the Customer Info you can view and edit customer information. You can also change or remove the vehicle from the work order.

  5. Comments and Recommendations - This will show customer comments and any recommendations that you would like the customer to see from their estimate or invoice.

  6. Internal Notes - From here you’ll be able to see any shop-specific comments and make your own comments. These comments are hidden from the customer.

  7. Fluids and Specs - If your subscription has access to Motor, you’ll have access to vehicle-specific information like Fluids and Specs. Tap it to see a Quick Reference for the most commonly used vehicle information. You’ll also see a complete list under More Info. Tap to see the details for Fluids, Filters, Wipers, and Battery Size.


Under Services, you’ll see each of the services that need to be completed and the labor items in the services that can be checked off when the work is done.

Tapping on the service will open it and show each of the labor items, all of the parts, and any tires that are needed for the service. You can tap on the labor item to see labels, additional information like assigned tech, estimated time to complete, any notes, for that labor item. When the job is done, you can tap the check box next to the labor item to mark it complete. You can tap on a part to see Quantity, Bin/Location, Vendor, Part Number, and any notes. Tapping on a tire will show you some of the same info as a part like Quantity, Bin/Location, Vendor, Part Number, and any notes, but a tire will also show Brand, Model, Size, Tire Specs and even a picture of the tire if one was added.

Aftermarket Parts

If you have the setting enabled, you’ll be able to see your preferred Aftermarket part brands when viewing your Fluids and Specs. For example, if you wanted to check out the aftermarket part options for the filters of the vehicle you’re working on, just tap on Fluids and Specs, then tap Filters. You’ll see the OEM part information next to Aftermarket parts. Click More Compatible Parts to see a list of all of your preferred vendors. For more information on Aftermarket parts, check out our help article.

Diagrams & Procedures

If your shop’s subscription includes Diagrams & Procedures you’ll find them in the Labor Item info. Tap Diagrams & Procedures to see a list of Components & Diagrams, Specs, Procedures, Wiring, and Bulletins. Then tap each one to open them and select from the list to view the info.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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