Shopmonkey: How do I use the Dashboard and Workflow views in the Shopmonkey for Techs App?

Learn what features you can access in the Dashboard and how to switch to the Workflow view in the app

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The Shopmonkey for Techs App shows your shop in two different views, the Dashboard view and the Workflow view. They each have their own benefits that you can use to see exactly what you want. Use the information below to get the most out of the different views in the Shopmonkey for Techs App.


After you’re logged in you’ll see the home screen for the app displaying the Dashboard view. This will be your starting spot each time you open the app. From here you can see the current day of the week and the different features of the app. Like the time clock, your to-dos, the orders assigned to you, the scanning tool, the ability to switch from the Dashboard view to the Workflow view, the search button, and the User Menu.

Today’s Appointments

Today’s Appointments lets you see all of your calendar appointments for the day on the Dashboard. It will show your next three appointments to start or click Show All to see all of your upcoming appointments for the day. You can also tap See All to view your calendar. From the calendar, you can see your appointments for any day by tapping on the day. You can also tap on an order to open it.

My To Do List

My To Do List will show you how many services you have assigned and your percentage to complete them. Tap on it to see a list of all inspections and services assigned to you grouped by order. The list will be sorted by newest work orders at the top, but you can tap Sort to order the list by Due Date, authorization date, creation date, or alphabetically. You can also filter to narrow down the list by Authorization status, Estimate, Invoice, or by label. Items are removed from My To Do List when the related work order is archived.

My Orders

My Orders will show you the orders assigned to you. The orders will be sorted by Newest Job with the most recent work order at the top. You can change the order they are shown by tapping the sort filter and selecting Due Date, Oldest Authorized, Newest Authorized, Oldest Job, or keep Newest Job for the sort.


When you log in to the app your home screen will be the Dashboard view, but you can switch to a Workflow view. Tap the workflow icon to see a workflow status list. Each of these represents a workflow column in the Shopmonkey Web app. Tap on a status to see the work orders in that status.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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