Shopmonkey: How do I print Oil Stickers in Shopmonkey?

Use your Dymo label printer to create stickers for customers that include shop info, mileage, and return date

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With Shopmonkey, you can easily print out stickers from your Dymo label printer to remind your customers when they’re due back into your shop. In this article, we’ll see what information you’ll want to set up ahead of time, how to print a sticker from an order, and how to customize your stickers. If you haven’t set up your Dymo printer, check out our help articles for Mac and PC setups.

Note: Oil Stickers are currently available for Genius Subscribers. If you’re interested in using this feature reach out to our success team to see how to add it.

Shop Info

Shopmonkey's Sticker Printer feature pulls data from your company settings. Before you begin, ensure that the following information is accurate in your General Settings Page:

  • Logo

  • Company Name

  • Website

  • Phone Number

Note: Based on the size of your sticker, certain information may be omitted from your stickers.

Print a sticker

On any order in Shopmonkey, you can use the Print Dropdown to select Print Sticker.

When the new window opens, select the printer connected to your computer. This may take 5-10 seconds the first time you print a sticker. Then select the dimensions of your stickers. Note: Until you have selected a printer and dimensions, a preview will not appear.

Ensure that you have an accurate Mileage Out for the vehicle. If this information has not been added to the order you can fill that in by clicking Add. Stickers include the suggested date or mileage of the customer's next visit. These are based on the current mileage and date.

Once you've selected an interval preset or a custom interval, click Print!

If you run into trouble printing, check out our help articles with troubleshooting steps for Mac or PC.

Interval Presets

Interval Presets let you quickly calculate when the customer should come back to your shop. Set how long the customer can travel in miles/kilometers or the date they should check back. Shopmonkey will provide some default intervals, but you can also create new presets specific to your shop.

The ability to create customer intervals or create and edit new interval presets is controlled in your Settings > User > User Permissions > Workflow & Orders: Sticker Options > Manage Presets & Custom Intervals.

One-time Customer Interval

You can set a custom interval for one-time use by choosing the 'Custom' option. Custom options will not be saved for future use.

Manage Intervals

If you have common intervals you'd like to save, you can use the Manage button to create Interval Presets.

You can click the +Add Preset button to create a new interval preset. Each preset needs three pieces of information:

  • Interval Name

  • Mileage Due

  • Date Due

NOTE: Mileage Due and Date Due will be added to the current vehicle mileage and date when a sticker is printed to provide the next service date for your customer. For example, if it is 1/1/2021 and a car has 10,000 miles, a sticker with a Preset of 3,000 miles or 3 months would recommend another service on 4/1/2021 or 13,000 miles.

Once you've updated your interval preset, click Save. Now you can use the new Interval Preset whenever you need to print a new sticker. Note: You may need to refresh your browser to have the new Interval Preset print correctly.

Thanks for reading through the article. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help.

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