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How can I use Shop Performance Reports?
How can I use Shop Performance Reports?
View these reports to better understand your shop’s overall performance and canned service profitability
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Canned Service Summary

What is my most popular & profitable canned service?

This report shows a chart of your top Canned Services and a list of your Canned Services sales. The chart will show you sales displayed visually, so you can quickly identify which of your Canned Services has sold the most. By checking or unchecking Total Profit or Total Retail you can change what is shown in the chart. The list shows you how many times a service has been sold, as well as each canned service's total cost, retail, and profit.


What is my shop’s profitability this month?

This report shows a breakdown of each invoice to show you costs and profit. Each invoice will show parts, tires, and labor cost, and retail price. You’ll find subtotals, line item profits, overall profitability, and profitability percentage for each invoice.

  • Total Profit is calculated by removing all costs from the retail prices.

  • Total Profit Percentage is calculated by dividing the total profit by the retail cost.

This report can be filtered by invoice date, customer, Service Writer, Technician, or Workflow.

Note: For Profitability to be calculated correctly Part and Labor cost must be added. For more information on cost check out our inventory help article or for labor rates checkout this help article.

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