Time Log

What were my tech’s time punches yesterday?

This report shows all of the time logs within your selected date range. Each time an employee clocks in or clocks out this report will be updated regardless of being an estimate or invoice. It will show the same information as the Time Clocks page. For more info on Time Clocks check out our help article. You can find information like time entry's type, technician, customer and vehicle, clock-in and clock-out date and time, activity, note, tech rate, and duration, and lastly the total labor cost. You can filter the list by Time In and Technicians to find the time log you’re looking for.

Summary by Technician

How efficient are my Techs?

This report shows important info about your Techs like a summary of their rates, tracked hours, labor costs, hours billed, efficiency, and more. The report will show information from work orders with a status of Invoice and specific Tech info will only show if they were assigned to the invoiced order. For more info on assignments check out our help article.

  • Technician: The name of the assigned technician or unassigned. Clicking on the Tech's name will take you to the Time Log Report for the individual.

  • Rate: Labor rate identified in the Tech’s user settings.

  • General Hours Tracked: Time clocked as General activity.

  • Hours on Services/Orders: Time clocked to specific orders and/or services. This is calculated anytime a Tech clocks in or out of an order/service.

  • Vehicle Count: Number of vehicles serviced

  • Total Hours Tracked: General Hours + Hours on Services/Orders

  • Total Labor Billed: Retail price of labor line items. This is calculated when orders are invoiced.

  • Total Labor Cost: Rate x Total Hours Tracked.

  • Total Labor Commission: User's Commission Rate x Total Labor Billed. This is calculated at the time the order is invoiced. For more information on commissions check out our help article.

  • Total Hours Billed: Total of retail hours on orders invoiced to the customer.

  • Total Parts Billed: Total of retail parts invoiced to the customer.

  • Total Tires Billed: Total of retail tires invoiced to the customer.

  • Efficiency: (Total Hours Billed)/(Hours on Services/Orders) e.g. a job is quoted to take 2 hours and the Tech finished it in 90 mins. 120 (2 hours) divided by 90 = 1.33 = 133% efficiency

Note: Since Hours on Services/Orders is calculated anytime the Tech clocks in and out and Total Hours Billed is calculated when orders are invoiced then Efficiency is most accurate for Techs after their orders are invoiced.

Services by Technician

What did my Tech work on last week?

This report shows each service your Techs have been assigned to. Each line represents a complete service that can contain multiple labor line items. The information for each service includes the service's date, name, the order number the service belongs to, and the service's invoiced hours. Invoiced Hours are the number of retail labor hours your customer is charged for a service.

Thanks for reading about the Technician Reports. Check out the help article for all reports here, and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

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