Shopmonkey: How do I keep track of referrals and view referral reports?

Assign a Referral Source to customers and access reports to know which methods are the most effective

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The Referral Summary report shows the breakdown of payments based on referrals. This report can help you find out how well advertising and referrals actually work by letting you see the breakdown of sales separated by referral source.

Referral Source

Referral Source is any method that brought the customer to your shop. This can be used to record word-of-mouth customer referrals, but it can also be used to record advertising methods like print ads, tv spots, or online advertising. The information for this report is populated from orders that have customers with referral information added.

To update Referral Source go to the customer information, scroll down to find the Referral Source dropdown, and select a Referral Source that has been created already or create a new one. The referral source dropdown is also in fleet customer information. A great way to add this information is when you’re working with new customers remember to ask where they heard about your shop. Then you can type in the response or select from your usual methods.


The report can be filtered to see payments and customers in a specific date range. Payments will show totals for orders with a payment made or recorded within the selected date range. Customers will show the total of individuals with paid invoices within the selected date range.

Totals & Customer Trends

The Totals & Customer Trends will show you payments and customer data on a chart. Based on the filter for the report, the chart will show increases and decreases to visually represent the payments and customer data. Hovering over a date with your cursor will show the specific data for that point in time. This can help you track how advertising costs are affecting payments and customers over time.

Referrals Summary

The Referrals Summary section shows you each Referral Source with both percentages and totals. A pie graph is included to visually represent each source broken down as a part of the Total.

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