With Shopmonkey Message Center, you can have access to all your conversations in one place. You can create new conversations, reply to previous messages, create internal notes, attach photos, and archive conversations making communication with your customer streamlined and easy.

Note: If you're interested in having Message Center turned on reach out to Shopmonkey Support or our Shopmonkey Success team.

Open Message Center

To open the message center, click the message icon at the top of any page. This will open the message center from the right side of your screen.

Open Conversations

When you open Message Center for the first time, you might notice a screen that tells you that you are all caught up on your messages. Click New Message to start a new conversation or view archived messages.

After using the Message Center, opening it will show a list of conversations. You can open general conversations you’ve had with the customer or conversations about a specific order. A general conversation will have General under the name of the customer, and a conversation about a specific order will have the order number and vehicle under the customer name.


At the top of the conversation list, you will see the search bar. Search by vehicle, customer name, and work order number to bring up conversations. Filters will help you to display only specific messages. You can filter by Active and Archived status, if it's a general conversation or an order conversation, and by the date the message was last received with filters like Any Time, Last Week, Month, or Specific Date. The list will be separated into active conversations that are still open and archived conversations. Clicking on any conversation will let you view that conversation.

Create a New Conversation

To start a new conversation, click the New Message button at the top of the list of conversations. Enter the name of the customer in the search field and select the customer you would like to start the conversation with. The new conversation will open, and you can begin sending messages to the customer.

Send Messages

To send a message to a customer, type in the area at the bottom of the conversation, and any previous messages will show above that. Each conversation will start with the Message tab selected. These messages will be sent to the customer and be visible to everyone that has access to the conversation. You can also switch it to the Internal note tab. These messages will not be sent to customers and will only be visible to people in your shop that have access to the conversation.

Use the toggles to send the message via SMS, Email, or both. Click on the paper clip icon to attach photos or documents that will be useful for your customer.

The icon next to the paper clip is the Template icon. Click on that to select from the pre-made templates or custom templates your shop has created.

Message Receipts

When reviewing your messages to customers, you can see if the messages were sent, delivered, failed to send, or were read by looking at the icons at the top of the message.

Note: Read status will only be shown for emails not for SMS.

Archive and Reopen Conversations

An Archived conversation means you don’t expect any more messages to be sent to the customer. Archived messages are not deleted and can be reopened later. To archive a conversation, just click the icon to the right of the conversation header. To reopen the message, click Reopen Now in the archived message, or simply send a new message.

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