How do I use the Technician View?
View your assigned services, time clock, vehicle specifications, and more
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The Technician View and the Service Writer View are the two ways to review orders in Shopmonkey. For more information on the Service Writer View, check out our article in the help center.

With the Technician View, all of the necessary information on an order is conveniently displayed for you. Like a Digital Work Order, the Technician View focuses on getting the work done. You can see all of the services and inspections that need to be performed, customer comments, appointment information, and see the activity for the order in one spot. You can also quickly see the vehicle’s information, Fluids, Filters, Wipers, and Battery Size in one place.


The tabs on the work order let you switch between different information like Summary, Services, Inspections, Time Clocks, and Messages. Clicking on the tab will switch the view to that tab info. You can click and drag the tabs to reorder them. The first tab (the tab furthest to the left) will be the tab that shows each time you open an order. Use this to make sure you always see what you want when an order opens. The position of your tabs is just for you and won’t change what others in the shop see.


The Summary Tab displays all of the information you need before starting the order.

At the top, you’ll notice a tracker to help you see how close the job is to being complete. All of the services and Inspections will be tracked with a percentage to completion.

The to-dos will show you each of the labor items and inspections to be completed on the order. As you complete them you can mark them done by clicking the check box next to each item. This will update the tracker at the top.

Under the To Do List you'll be able to see Recent Internal Notes. From here you'll be able to review notes left by your shop and leave notes of your own. All notes in this section will be hidden from the customer and will only be visible by your shop.

Information about who created the order, when it was created, when it was invoiced, and where it is in the workflow is shown near the top.

The customer comments field can show you the information that the customer has sent over, and the recommendations will show internal comments that the shop has made related to the order.

Right underneath you’ll see the scheduled appointment info including the date and time the customer will bring their vehicle into the shop.

The Activity section will show important steps that have been taken in the order including labor assignments, customer messaging, authorization, and more.


The Services tab will show you all of the services that are assigned to the Tech for that order. All of the information to complete the service will be included and no cost or pricing information will be shown.

Each service will be separated by the service title and grouped by line item in the service. Rather than grouping items together based on price like in the Service Writer View. This view will display the information necessary to get the job done in one place.

Each labor item will be grouped and show the Labor Item name, notes, assigned Technician, hours, and any labels added to the line item. You can check the box next to the labor item to mark as complete, and indicate to others reviewing the order that the task is done.

Parts will be grouped together and show part description, part number, Bin/Location, part quantity, and any labels added.

Tires, Subcontract, and fees will also be grouped together displaying their own relevant information.


The Inspections tab will show you any inspections that need to be performed, allow you to mark status, add notes, add photos and video, and much more. For more information about inspections check out our help article.

Time Clocks

The Time Clocks tab will allow you to clock in, switch, and clock out of services or labor items on services. You’ll be able to see statistics like total hours tracked and average time on a service, and view a list of time clock entries. For more information on Time Clocks check out our help article.


The Messages tab will show you all of the messages to the customer and internal notes for the order. You won’t be able to message the customer from this tab, but you can create and type in new notes and comments. You’ll also be able to upload files and photos to keep a record of important documents and pictures that you’ll always be able to return to and review.

Technician View Side Panel

The Right Side Panel in the Technician View is designed to show you relevant information about items in the order like customer, vehicle, labor, parts, and more. Clicking on an item will show its details in the Right Side Panel saving time and clicks. No more need to search around to find what you’re looking for.

Vehicle Side Panel

The Vehicle Side Panel shows all of the necessary information and can allow you to update information quickly.

The vehicle info at the top will show Year, Make, Model, Vin, Plate, and any notes. It will also show mileage that you can add the mileage in and mileage out and PSI that you can add in tire pressure measurements. You’ll also have access to the Carfax history at the top.

General Info will show vehicle info like Engine Size, Transmission, Drivetrain, and more.

Subscription tiers that include Motor also get access to vehicle-specific information for Batteries, Filters, Fluids, Indicator Resets, Wheels, Wipers.

The battery will show part information for the vehicle battery.

Filters will show part information for Oil filters and Air filters.

Fluids will show the vehicle Engine oil, Transmission oil, and Brake fluid information including capacity, oil types, and filter.

Indicator Rests will show instructions on how to reset the indicator lights for that particular vehicle. All of Motor’s available instructions for indicator resets will display, so there may be more than one set of instructions.

Wheels will show the wheel torque specifications for your vehicle.

Wipers will show part information for vehicle window wipers.

Accessing the Technician View

There are two views in Shopmonkey the Service Writer View and the Technician View. If you have access to both views, you’ll be able to change the view in the ellipsis at the top of the order.

For more information about the Service Writer view, check out our help article.

Enabling the Technician View

Permissions for the Service Writer View and Technician View are set in the user settings. Just go to Settings and click on Users. From there, select the user to update view permissions.

In Section Permissions under Workflow and Orders you’ll have the option to set Service Writer View Only, Technician View Only, or Both.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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