Shopmonkey: How do I set up 1st Mile integration?

Learn how to set up and take transactions with 1st Mile’s Windows-only integration

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1st Mile users will need to set up the Windows-only integration before taking payments in Shopmonkey. Below is a step by step walkthrough to help you integrate Shopmonkey with 1st Mile payments processor.

Step 1

Download and Install SecurePost Listener

For your 1st Mile card reader to communicate with Shopmonkey you'll need to download and install SecurePost listener. This will need to be downloaded and installed on the same computer that is connected to the card reader.

Step 2

Get your Account ID

Once installed, you will need to launch the program SecurePost Listener.

Open the SecurePost Listener dialog from the system tray.

Click Configure

Copy the Acct ID and share it with a Shopmonkey Representative via chat. This is a crucial component to get you to Step 3.

Step 3

1st Mile Account

Shopmonkey will send the Acct ID to a 1st Mile Representative and they will enable your shop's access to the 1st Mile account (1-2 days). Once that is complete, Shopmonkey will notify you and you can start making 1st Mile transactions.

Continue on to Step 4 while you're waiting on 1st Mile.

Step 4

Connect Shopmonkey & 1st Mile

In the system tray, right-click on the SecurePost Listener

Click Configure

Change the mode to "Cloud" (if not set already)

Copy the "Device ID"

Open Shopmonkey and go to Settings > Payments and click Connect to 1st Mile.

A window will pop up for you to paste the Device ID and click Save.

Step 5

Conducting a transaction

Once you have notification from Step 3 you'll be ready to take transactions via 1st Mile in Shopmonkey. The SecurePost Listener needs to be in 'Listening mode' in order for the card reader to communicate with Shopmonkey.

On the order click New Payment you will be able to select Charge via 1st Mile

This will launch the 1st mile interface with your connected card reader and you can continue processing the transaction.

If you would like to connect an additional card reader, go to Settings > Payments and click Add another device

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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