Shopmonkey: How do I look up labor and parts for Heavy Duty vehicles?

Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty Vehicle, Labor, Parts Lookup and Service Diagrams by MOTOR.

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In Shopmonkey, labor times, parts cross-reference data, and service guides are available for heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles through FleetCross by MOTOR. Contact us for pricing information.

Adding a Heavy-Duty Vehicle

You can add a new vehicle by clicking the add menu button, then Customer & Vehicle or from within an order, the Add New button by the vehicle drop down:

Fill out the required Year, Make, Model, Engine, and Type fields or type in the VIN to auto-populate those fields.

Labor Lookup

Once the vehicle is linked and a new estimate is open, in a service, you can click on Add Labor and begin typing in the labor you would like to add. You will see the options auto-populate from MOTOR:

Parts Lookup

In the service, you can also click on Add Part, then type in a part number you would like to cross-reference. Similarly, once you start typing the part number, the options will auto-populate from MOTOR:

Your inventory and non-inventory items will be separated by Inventory and Other Matches:

Cross-Referencing Parts

A new unique feature is to Cross Reference the parts you see when searching. By clicking on Cross References, you will see all the options available highlighted for comparing that part with different manufacturers. If you hover your mouse over the part, you will see more details expand below:

Click Add Part to add this to the estimate.

Once successfully added to the estimate, you can optionally edit the part information and add pricing.

Adding Parts and Labor as a New Service

You can also add labor and parts as a standalone service by clicking directly on Search or browse all services. You can type in the labor or part number or click on labor or part to browse what is available:

Once you add the labor or part, it will create a new service. Enter a name for the service and edit and add pricing as needed:

Diagrams and Procedures

To view diagrams and procedures for your heavy-duty vehicle, click on the + on the top right, and choose Service & Diagrams Lookup:

Then click on explore heavy duty vehicle diagrams:

A new tab will pop up with Motor's Heavy-Duty Diagrams and Procedures search. To search for a specific service, you can drill down in the options below or use the search function:

Once you find the service you need, use the bar at the top to search for diagrams:

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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