Shopmonkey: How do I procure parts using WORLDPAC?

Learn how to set up the WORLDPAC speedDIAL integration to browse local suppliers, add parts to estimates, and place orders

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The following information will walk you through the setup process of connecting your Shopmonkey account with WORLDPAC and will explain how parts can be searched for and ordered directly from Shopmonkey. WORLDPAC speedDIAL is on-premise and needs to be installed on your computer.

Sign up

If you already have a WORLDPAC account you can use it with Shopmonkey.

If you don't already have a WORLDPAC account, visit New WORLDPAC Account Registration to get set up.


If you already have the speedDIAL application installed on your computer that will be using Shopmonkey, follow the connection instructions below.

If you do not have the speedDIAL application installed, visit speedDIAL Downloads to find the correct application for your PC's operating system.

For Mac users, the first time you open the application, you will need to right-click (or control+click) on the application and select Open.

Once downloaded, open the application and use your credentials to log in.

After you log in the first time, you will need to set your preferences to allow Shopmonkey to communicate with the program.

For Windows Users:

On the top left bar, click on View, then Preferences:

Once preferences are open, click on Shop Software, and add a check in the Enable browser-based Shop Software Interface and Use HTTPS. Then click on Apply and OK:

For Mac Users:

On the top left, click on WORLDPAC speedDIAL and select Preferences:

Then, select Shop Software, and under Browser-based SMS click the 2 checkboxes: Enable browser-based Shop Software interface and Use HTTPS:

Final Step

To set up, go to your Settings > Parts Procurement > WORLDPAC > select the Retail Price Mapping dropdown. This will define if you rather pull the List Price or the Retail price when adding a part to Shopmonkey:

Lastly, click on Connect. Make sure that speedDIAL is running before you hit the connect button. The connection should be established very quickly!

Procuring Parts for an Estimate

When viewing the details of a given estimate, you will see the Parts Procurement tab as an option. Click on this tab, and then click Go to WORLDPAC to start the part ordering process:

Note that you must have the Parts Procurement tab open and speedDIAL needs to be open and running when using it with Shopmonkey, including placing orders, checking availability, or any other action.

If there is a VIN attached to the vehicle, it will carry over vehicle information. If the vehicle does not have a VIN associated, you can add the Year, Make, and Model to search for the specific vehicle:

You can click through systems to find particular parts or type them in the part name in the search bar. Then, you can either export directly from here or look at additional details and price options for the part:

Once ready to export the part to Shopmonkey, click on the green + sign next to the part to add this to the Parts Procurements tab in the estimate in Shopmonkey:

Once your parts are added to your Parts Procurement tab, click on Check Availability to confirm that the parts are still available, and Place Order when ready to purchase:

Note that the submitted parts are by default associated with the first service on the estimate. You can change the service association right from the Parts Procurement tab, which reflects back on the Estimate > Services tab, or you can drag and drop a part from one service to another within the estimate:

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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