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How do I procure parts using Epicor?
How do I procure parts using Epicor?

Learn how to set up the Epicor integration to browse local suppliers, add parts to estimates, and place orders

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The following information will walk you through the setup process of connecting your Shopmonkey account with Epicor, and will explain how parts can be searched for and ordered directly from Shopmonkey. You will need to license Epicor for use with Shopmonkey, and will receive a username and password after obtaining a license. Please reach out to an Epicor representative at the email address below, and they can help get your account setup process started:

Connecting Shopmonkey with Epicor

Once you have received your license and account credentials, the next step is to connect Epicor to Shopmonkey. Enter your account credentials in Shopmonkey by navigating to the Settings > Parts Procurement page:

Then click Connect to connect your accounts to Shopmonkey:

  • The field "Username" is the account username.

  • The field "Password" is the account password.

Once you have entered your information, click Connect to complete the integration. You are now ready to start procuring parts within the context of your Shopmonkey estimates.

Procuring Parts for an Estimate

When viewing the details of a given estimate, you will see the Parts Procurement tab as an option. Click on this tab, and then click Go to Epicor to start the part ordering process:

Under the Parts tab, use the search bar or the pre-set categories to find the desired parts:

Once you've found the desired part, click the checkbox to the far left of the part, and then click Add to Quote to add the part to your quote and continue shopping. If you will not be purchasing any additional parts, click Add & Return to Quote:

From your quote, click on Finalize at the bottom of the quote to exit Epicor and be taken back to your Parts Procurement tab, with your parts now included:

Please note that you will not be able to edit your quote once you click Finalize. If you click Save & Exit, you can to leave the quote as a draft, but this will not pass the parts back to Shopmonkey.

Ready to place order

Once your parts are added to your Parts Procurement tab, click Check Availability to confirm that the parts are still available, and Place Order when ready to purchase.

Note that the submitted parts are by default associated with the first service on the estimate. You can drag and drop a part from one service to another within the estimate, or you can change the service association right from the Parts Procurement tab, which reflects back on the Estimate > Services tab:

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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