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Getting Started: Shopmonkey Payments
Getting Started: Shopmonkey Payments
Seamlessly charge customers online and in-person with our fully integrated credit and debit card processing within the Shopmonkey platform
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Shopmonkey Payments is a fully integrated credit and debit card processing solution within the Shopmonkey platform, allowing you to charge customers in-person and online while avoiding reconciliation nightmares.

Getting started with your free Shopmonkey Payments account is simple and only takes a few minutes. Your customers can pay their invoices online, saving you time and enabling them to pay from the comfort of their own home or workplace. You can also accept card payments in-person at your shop through a card reader, saving you the hassle of needing separate and disconnected systems.

Let us know if you're interested in card readers for in-person payments at your shop.

Setting up Payments in Company Settings

Navigate to Settings > Payments. In the Payments section, click the Get Started button.

After reading through the Getting Started section, click Accept & Continue to proceed:

Follow the on-screen steps and directions to create and connect your free Stripe account. Shopmonkey partners with for processing of payments, the highest levels of payment transaction security, and compliance. Please see Stripe's requirements so you can have the information handy when you go to set up your account.

Once connected, you will see the updated Payments page, where you can manage your Transactions, Payouts, Readers, and Settings:

To learn more about the processing fees and pricing options available for both online and in-person payments, please see our pricing page for the details.

Note: should there ever be a reason that your account needs additional information or verification, you will see on your Payments page any indications of further actions needed:

You will also be notified via an in-app notification. We want you to receive your money as quickly as possible, so please pay attention to any indication displayed to ensure you understand that there may be additional steps required to receive payouts.

Auto-send payouts as deposits

If you’re using QuickBooks, this would be a great time to update your settings for sending Shopmonkey payouts to QuickBooks. To find this setting go to Settings > QuickBooks > Auto-send payouts as deposits. When Shopmonkey Payments are sent to your account, we’ll tell QuickBooks to automatically categorize the fees associated with the payment processing. For more information about Auto-sending payouts as deposits, check out our help article.

After Setup

If you have just signed up for Shopmonkey Payments, there may be a 4-day payout schedule while we complete an assessment of your business. If no additional information is needed, we will switch you to our standard one or 2-business-day rolling payout schedule within the first four business days of signing up. If additional information is needed, our risk team will reach out to you within those first four business days to gather the additional information. For more information about payouts, check out our help article.

A smart and simple way for your customers to pay invoices

With Shopmonkey Payments you can send your customers a digital invoice, and they can pay from anywhere using their phone, tablet, or computer. For detailed instructions on how to send an invoice to your customer, as well as a preview of what your customer will see when an invoice is sent to them, please take a look at the article linked here.

Now that your payment account is ready, start charging your customers and accepting payments directly within Shopmonkey.

Click the Send button on the invoice to email and/or text SMS your customer their invoice:

Enable the Collect Payment toggle to allow your customers to pay by debit or credit card on the digital invoice:

When you are ready, click the Send button to send it off to your customer. A message will appear confirming the invoice was sent successfully:

Your customer can then open and view the invoice from the text or email that was sent to them:

Your customer can send you a message, download the invoice as a PDF, or pay the invoice. Upon clicking the Pay button, they will be prompted to enter their card information:

Accepting payment in-person or online

You have the option to collect payment with your in-shop reader (if In-Person Payments is enabled), charge online, or choose another method such as cash or check.

When viewing the details of an invoice, click on the New Payment button to select your customer's payment method:

The payment methods you can select from are:

Charge via Reader

Click Swipe a card to connect with your reader and collect payment from your customer. Your customers can pay by swiping/inserting their VISA/Mastercard/AMEX or using contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay.

Charge Online

Click Run a card manually to accept payment via credit or debit card. Enter all the required card details for your customer, verify the required payment amount, and click the Charge button. Once the card has been verified and the payment is successful, the funds will be located in your payment account.

Choose another method

Click on the desired payment method, enter the necessary information, and click the Record button. Note: these payment methods are for reconciliation purposes. Funds will not be automatically sent to your payment account like they will be if you choose to Swipe a card or Charge a card manually. However, these payments will be tracked in Shopmonkey like any other payment method.

For information on editing and removing a payment, please see this article here.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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