What can I do in Shopmonkey?

Take a look at an overview of the process from creating a quote to collecting payment and archiving the order.

What should I do first?

Configure your Shop

One of the most important things to do is configure your shop information on the Settings page.

Settings allow you to manage key details about your shop, including Company Info, Logo, Vehicle Settings, Fees & Rates, and Document Headers & Footers. Configuring this information will - among other things - ensure that the appropriate tax and labor rates are used for your estimates, and that your shop's information is shown properly in quotes and invoices.

You can also manage your shop's Users, Billing, Payments, QuickBooks, and other integrations, and more.

Create an Estimate

To start out, take Shopmonkey for a spin by creating an Estimate.

Add a Customer

Fill out the estimate by adding a customer.

Add a Vehicle

Then add the vehicle that the customer brought in.

Add a Service

Create the job that you'll be performing for the customer.

Get Training

For easy training at your own pace, check out Shopmonkey Academy! Watch short videos to learn what you need to know.

Thanks for reading! If you haven't signed up for one of our implementation bootcamps, please feel free chat in to get that set up.

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